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MTT Tryout #132 for round #23 by Tani-Da-Inki
MTT Tryout #132 for round #23
Full Name: Jugo King
Pronunciation: [Jew-Go]  
Nickname(s): Beefcake
Gender: Male
Species: MTT
Age: 27
Sexuality: up to you to find out
Alignment: A.S.P.
Occupation: Fittness Model, Personal Trainer
Class: middle class
Location: Junction City
Relationship status: single
Languages spoken: English
Height: 198 cm | 6'5" [Humanoid] ||
Weight: 275 lbs (including his tail)
Figure/build: Bara yaassss
Saliva(when aroused): Neopolitan ice cream (New flavour every lick)
Hair color: Naturally darker aqua, and sandy blonde beard, dyes all his body hair black with minor streaks of natrual color showing.
Eye color:  Emerald
Piercings: Tongue, bottom lip, ears, .....below the belt >>
Voice: Hugh Jackman
------------------- Favorite ----------------------
Clothes: Tight t-shirts, Leather pants, Jeans, flannel, spandex
Food: Nothing spicy
Drink:  Strawberry milkshake
Desert: Chocolate chip cookies
Color: Red
Season: Summer
------------------- Personality ----------------------
Traits: Extrovert, Shy, quirky, humorous, empathetic
Skills:  Modelling, Phsy Ed, Excellent Nutrition
Flaws: semi self conscience, low pain tolerance ( being hit, needles etc)
Likes:  Gourmet food, working out, clothing shopping, Squba diving
Dislikes: Cons, Dishonesty, Carrots, Flying
Hobbies: Baking, Ballroom Dancing, Photography
Taste in music: doesn't have a preference
Habits: Mama's boy.........need I say more
------------------- Relationships -------------------
Mate: N/A
Friends: Nebula.....WIP

Family: | Mother - alive (no ref) | father - alive (no ref) | sister - alive (no ref)
Pets: N/A
------------------------ BIO ------------------------
Adopted at a younger age into a middle class family after being surrendered to an orphanage as a toddler, Jugo grew up pretty normally aside from not having any siblings up until the age of 18. his parents were finally able to have a biological child and thus he ended up with a younger sister whom he cherishes. Jugo was never one to be selfish or act out, he took things as they are and sought to make things better. Having graduated from school he went for his first job at a grocery store as a merchandiser stocking shelves. to stay on top of his game regarding work he visited the gym, being dedicated to staying in shape lead to a job op at the gym since he also liked to encourage others to exceed their own limits. Later finding himself as a fitness model as a bonus to a job he already loved doing. (more to come if I win)
----------------------- Triva  -----------------------
Likes to lounge around in his home in heart undies and bunny slippers
Calls his sister 'squishy'

------------------- Theme songs  -------------------
Timbaland - Give it a go…
La Roux - I'm not your toy…
Hedley - Anything…;


Art (c) :icontani-da-inki:
MTT (c) :iconannicron:
#132 Designed by :iconskeletonizedmars:
I'm NOT ok... <----- Please circulate this!, things are going downhill pretty fast and I can't keep up x-x
Today is the day I have my First Transgender surgery, Today I get my chest!, Im so excited and nervous all at once. my stomach is in a knot and my brain won't shut off. I barely slept because I'm so excited. expect delays from me I won't be able to move my arms very much for a few weeks so I'm very very limited in what I can do!. but as soon as I'm able to, I'll be working on the foam bases I had up on discount. you can still purchase these!, still on discount! just give me time to heal and I'll get on it. This goes for art too, I'll need some time before I can effectivly use my comp properly at all!. I've waited a very long long time for this day. and its FINALLY HERE!!. Thank you for those who have commissioned me and donated/sponsored me up till now, you helped make this possible! Thanks for believing in me!!

~Tani/Beeker/Mac (all my active accounts)~
Caitzur 2013 (Yea old oops) by Tani-Da-Inki
Caitzur 2013 (Yea old oops)
Caitzur update for 2013 even tho the year is almost over blah!

Caitzur - (Rottie/Presa Canario Cynnrodai)


Sex Pref: Bisexual

True height - 15 feet

Base height - 13 feet

Earth height - 10 feet

Human height - 7'5

Species: Cynnrodai (Greater Cynn more animal looking )
Aggressive, Arrogant, Brute, THUG NONE OF THAT GANGSTA BULL SHIT ><

Weight class - SUPER Heavy Weight ( more than 500 Pounds of MUSCLE )

4th brother born in a litter of 6, the fighter of the family, agressive by nature and intimidating. using his muscles to thier advantage. way too much testosterone for his own good. a personalitiy that rivals even his biggest oldest brother Devron. Caitzur isn't to be taken lightly. although with all these negatives on him he does have a need to be loyal or to 'belong' to someone in a sense.

Things he's known for.

Street Brawler/Fighter
Drug Dealer ( likes his weed, won't touch anything else...well maybe the odd line of cocaine)
Hussler ( Merchandising and shit like that )
Street Protection ( hired by or FORCES himself into the lives of store owners to PROTECT them from other gang threats. in return he gets half the profit of the store or benefits etc. you don't cooperate? well then the streets have one less shop open )
Homeless ( sorta, he lives at a Brothel where he's treated like number one, why? cause he's partly responsible for it being open in the first place, he has a boss but he's more or less his own boss. and bouncer of the place. women love him, and men wanna be him )

Speciality move - Click Click Bang ( Shotgun up the ass/pussy, usually after a raping or just plan out anger. Shot gun supository didn't have a good ring to it..)


Art char and species © :icontani-da-inki:

Heres the pic for 2011 o-o how'd I do ^^…


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Wryan J. Gallimore
Artist | Professional | Varied


I'm NOT ok... <----- Please circulate this!, things are going downhill pretty fast and I can't keep up x-x


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